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2 disqualified bets to appeal to Comelec

By Anna Valmero, Kristine L. Alave, Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 13:15:00 12/16/2009

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MANILA, Philippines – (UPDATE) An environmentalist and a detained general will appeal to the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to reverse their disqualification from running in the 2010 elections.

Nicanor Perlas, who was disqualified for lack of resources, slammed the poll body, saying the exercise is not all about money

Perlas, an environmental activist, said he would appeal the disqualification decision so that he would be able to run for president in the 2010 elections.

The ruling, he said, showed that only “millionaires and billionaires can run” for elective office in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, Winston Lazarde, as representative, issued a statement from detained Brigadier General Danny Lim lashing at the commission for disqualifying his independent candidacy for senator as an act of “preventing full range of choices for the electorate.”

“I do not fit the definition of a nuisance candidate because I do not make a mockery of the elections, nor cause confusion in names and I have 700 regional, provincial and municipal coordinators and supporters to launch a nationwide campaign. Now based on the list released Tuesday, they classified me as a nuisance candidate even though the Comelec urged me to attend presidential forums on TV before. That is a very flimsy decision that stifles the foundations for democracy of Filipinos,” Perlas told

“I am now here to seek dialogue with members of the Commission so that I could clarify with them what was the basis for my disqualification. And so I could better formulate the motion for reconsideration that I would file by Monday or Tuesday,” said Perlas.

The environmentalist said he would push the case up to the Supreme Court to have his name included as a presidential candidate in the official ballot for the 2010 elections before printing starts January 9.

After the Comelec issued the list of candidates for president, vice president and senators Tuesday, affected parties could appeal within five days after publication of the resolution in national newspapers.

Perlas added that “vision, platform and track record of service not money alone” should be the considered in approving or disqualifying the bid of a candidate, otherwise Comelec would prevent the emergence of new politics that is based on the initiative for political reform among Filipinos.

Meanwhile, Lazarde said that Lim “strongly protest the baseless and unconstitutional Comelec resolution” that disqualified his candidacy for senator. Although Lim filed his bid as an independent, Lazarde said the general accepted to be a guest candidate in three major political parties.

“Despite the fact that I have been adopted by three major parties, climbed the survey ratings, received thousands of volunteers and endorsements, it is their tainted opinion that I have not proven that I could campaign, much less win in these elections and thus has included that I am no more than a nuisance candidate,” wrote Lim.

“I will stand up against this kind of arbitrary and partisan behavior designed to remove the reform minded and derail our country's democratic process. This fight is not for me alone. The insidious practice of picking and choosing sympathetic candidates has to end here and now,” Lim said in a statement.

Comelec approved eight candidates each for president and vice and 58 for senator Tuesday pending a review of the disqualification cases, among the 277 national bids filed between November 20 and December 1.

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