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GMA Network unveils Sexbombs doing voter education

12/07/2009 | 08:48 PM

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The next viral Pinoy pop hit may be about the automated elections in 2010.

The catchy tune “Bilog na Hugis Itlog" performed by the all-girl group Sexbomb Girls is GMA Network’s instructional jingle for the upcoming elections. And it has an MTV version starring the curvy Sexbombs doing voter education with their signature body language.

At a presentation of the MTV for the dignified members of the Commission on Elections on Monday, the song got a few commissioners out of their chairs to mimic some Sexbomb moves.

Comelec Chair Jose Melo complimented the video as a helpful educational tool, especially for young voters, and added with a smile, "Ang gagaling ng mga performers at ang gaganda pa (The performers are great and they are pretty)."

Voters shouldn't have a hard time remembering how to fill out the new ballots when they sing “Bilog na Hugis Itlog," which informs voters how to properly shade the circle next to the names of their chosen candidates.

For the first time, Filipino voters will be shading ballots rather than writing the names of their political choices, prompting fears of confusion and delay on election day.

The song goes: “Hanapin ang bilog sa tapat ng pangalan ng kandidatong napupusuan… Itiman, i-shade ang loob ng bilog, ang loob ng bilog na hugis itlog (Find the circle next to the name of your chosen candidate… Shade the inside of the egg-shaped circle)."

Rikki Escudero, Vice President for Expansion and Production Services for GMA Network, said that the music video addresses the concern that few people will know what to do on election day.

“We decided to tap into the natural interest of Filipinos in music and dance, which is why we decided to use song and dance as a medium of instruction," she said at the Comelec presentation.

She added that Comelec’s Education and Information Department and the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) helped come up with the lyrics of the song to make sure that the important information is included.

For example, the line “Isang presidente, bise president, mga senador pwede hanggang dose (One president, vice president, and up to 12 senators)" reminds voters not to overvote.

Overvoting, or voting for more candidates than the number of slots that need to be filled up for a particular position, will nullify the votes for that particular position.

“Bilog na Hugis Itlog," which comes with easy-to-follow dance steps, also encourages voters to choose a candidate who will serve the country well.

PPCRV Chair Ambassador Henrietta De Villa said that she is excited to use the music video for PPCRV’s voter education programs.

“Tuwang-tuwa ako (I’m very happy)," she said. “Ito’y makakatulong talaga sa voter education. Maaakit kang kumanta, at habang kumakanta ka, matututo ka pa. (This will really help in voter’s education. You’ll be enticed to sing along, and you’ll learn something while singing along.)"

And to prove her point, Ms. De Villa showed a TV news camera her best Sexbomb imitation, to the tune of the most jologs voter education tool on the airwaves.- Candice Montenegro/ HGS, GMANews.TV

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