Friday, December 4, 2009

[Lucio] Tan’s daughter seeks House seat in QC

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Vivienne Tan means business, running for representative in the First District of Quezon City where she grew up with her father, taipan Lucio Tan.

Outside of the showbiz fanfare of earlier filings, she signed up in the local poll office Monday to pursue her mission of spreading entrepreneurship.

She is running as an independent candidate against re-electionist Nacionalista Party Rep. Vincent Crisologo, 62, now on his second term. Also in the race is last-termer Elizabeth Belarmente.

“I don’t believe in doles but in empowerment,” Vivienne said, when asked about her work ethic.

“My father started from nothing to build one of the largest conglomerates in the country. If my father can do it, then with the right attitude, skills and opportunities, any Filipino can.”

The first-timer said it was about time to get people to become self-starters.

“That is my belief [so] I set up a school of entrepreneurs in Quezon City and also started the GoNegosyo movement,” said Vivienne, who founded Entrepreneurship School of Asia in 1989 to teach the youth how to do business.

Vivienne is not altogether a neophyte in reaching out to the public as a business mentor.

One of her key projects is the training for micro-entrepreneurship alongside the Sagip Buhay Program of last-term Mayor Feliciano Belmonte Jr.

At least 800 participants have studied at her entrepreneurs’ school, where upon completion of the course, trainees present business plans that are eligible for loans of up to P40,000 from Sagip Buhay and a cause-oriented group Akbayan.

“I want to help each and every aspiring micro-entrepreneur in Quezon City to grow a negosyo to be a taipan, too,” Vivienne said.

As an advocate for the environment, she became the partner of the Calatagan-based Conserve and Protect Foundation that created the country’s first “organic” artificial reef project, putting up 11 installations through the help of more than 200 diver volunteers.

Vivienne graduated from the University of San Francisco with a double degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.

After spending a couple of years in the information technology industry, she took up a post-graduate course at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles.

At the age of 26, she set up a women’s sports clothing line in the US. She returned to the Philippines in 1996 to help her father in running the Philippine Airlines. Later on, she established her school, which has been producing young business professionals for the last 10 years.

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  1. What did they learn from the top tax evader's daughter's school, how to evade tax in billions?
    Why is she running for Congress, so that she will be the the first-hand link fo Lucio Tan's dogs in Congress?

  2. This daughter of the Yellow Economic Lucifer in the Filipino Land wants to have a seat in Congress? What for, to serve as Lucio Tan's first-hand link with his dogs in Zoongress? What is she saying about not believing in the power of dole? His father is the Sino top corruptor of Filipinos!

    Bingbong Crisologo should shout publicly how Lucio was switching PVTA tobaccos stored in his then redrying plant with his papaya leaves in the dead of the night many years ago! Rufino Cua will attest to this as Lucio's then partner in crime in such venture! Cua should talk because he was cheated by his partner-in-crime Lucio! Bingbong should also shout publicly how Lucio is exploiting the tobacco farmers in the north!

    What is this girl bragging about contributing entrepreneurship education in her school? Teaching the students how to steal tax in billions and how to covet the wealth of your own master?

    The thinking Filipino people have read the series of stories in Mareng Winnie's column about the evilness of his mag-boboteng papa in our country!

    She, her rotten papa and all her family, and her extended families, should all be deported to China! They are a pack of super-thieves in RP!