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Platform of Government and Statement of Basic Principles and Policies For Governance of BANGON PILIPINAS PARTY 2010

Basic Proposition

Bangon Pilipinas Party (BPP) believes that for the country to recover from the terminal cancer of corruption, injustice and poverty, both the leadership and the people must weave back the basic tenets of love for God and love for countryinto the fabric of Philippine politics and governance. "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and strength and love your neighbour as you love yourself", is not only a credo for personal life, it is also the cornerstone of all nation-building. "DIYOS AT BAYAN" is the core philosophy of BPP.

The demand of loving God and loving the country is righteousness. The fruit of righteousness is first of all justice for the poor, for the civil servants, for the labourer, the employee and wage earner, for the businessman and investor, for the youth, for senior citizens, for the farmer, for the soldier and the veteran, for those who have to care for others, for the overseas worker, for the local government unit, for all people and every sector of Philippine society. Righteousness assures honesty, rectitude, transparency, responsibility, accountability, fairness and equal opportunity for all. Righteousness evokes compassion and charity. The blessings of righteousness are peace, development, the well-being of the community, self-respect, and prosperity. And this righteousness must begin in and with government itself, with servant-leadership that has Character, Competence, Courage, and Compassion.

Only love of God and love of country that produces righteousness in the body politic, under a servant-leadership of character, competence, courage, and compassion, can bring true and genuine change in the land. "Diyos at Bayan para sa Tunay at Tama na Pagbabago."

This core value and philosophy translate into a seven-point roadmap of Bangon Pilipinas Party for the country:

I. Eradicate bad governance

BPP strongly believes that for righteousness to prevail in and bless the land, righteousness must begin in and with government itself. People must desire and expect righteousness in government. The first battle order of the new administration, therefore, is to frontally attack and dismantle the apparatus of corruption in government and in the system.

BP will attack corruption through the following: [go to ]

II. Energize the economy

BPP strongly believes that a social structure of poverty is one of the worst, if not the worst, form of unrighteousness, wickedness, or injustice in the social order, and that the end of all economic programs should be the levelling of the playing field for all whereby sufficiency, if not prosperity, is reachable or possible for all and not just for a preferred or favoured few. To achieve this objective, the economic agenda of BPP shall be guided by the following principles: [go to ]

III. Elevate the living standards of the people

BPP believes that people, as bearers of God's image, should be able to live lives of dignity where their minimum requirements for a decent human life are met and provided for, putting them in a position to further elevate their own living standards by their own industry, creativity and hard work after government has levelled the playing field for everyone. "Levelling the playing field" is a non-negotiable demand of righteousness in the social and economic order and an inescapable offshoot of loving God and loving one's neighbour. [go to ]

IV. Empower the people

Simultaneous with eradicating bad governance, energising the economy, and elevating the living standards of the people, the Bangon administration will strengthen the moral resolve of the Filipino people to take a more direct hand in plotting their own destinies and strengthening their tools and means towards self-determination through a series of programs that would empower them. It is a situation of unrighteousness when people are left powerless and helpless to take care of themselves or better their conditions. Righteousness demands that people be empowered.

Along with the other programs of the Bangon platform, the Bangon Administration intends to empower the people: [go to ]

V. Emancipate the people

Bangon Pilipinas Party believes that the fruit of righteousness is freedom or emancipation from unjust social structures and systemic greed and exploitation. Neither lawlessness nor licentiousness, but true and genuine liberty to do what is good and right, is the fruit of righteousness.

Bangon will pursue the emancipation of the Filipino people, along with the other programs of the Bangon platform: [go to ]

VI. Educate the people

Education is a mandate of righteousness. Emancipation and empowerment require the continuing task of educating our people, especially the children and youth, by providing them with adequate training and knowledge with the view of redefining ourselves on the basis of our common history, rich cultural heritage and high ideals and traditions. Through education our people must arrive at a moral and ethical consensus as to who we are, what we want to become, and how we are getting there.

The keystone of our education program is to turn our people into Filipinos thoroughly conscious of their history, culture and destiny as a nation so that they can push the country into an era of productivity not only in agriculture and agroforestry but in entrepreneurship, science and technology. [go to ]

VII. Establish peace and order in the land

Peace is both a work and a product of righteousness. Righteousness demands that peace and order be built upon the foundations of justice and equal opportunity.

A Bangon administration will seek peace and order in the land through the following actions: [go to ]

Conclusion & Signatories

This is the Bangon Pilipinas Platform for 2010. Its Central Tenet is: Love for God and Love for Country. Diyos at Bayan!

Its main pursuit is righteousness, under a servant-leadership marked by character, competence, courage and compassion.

Its fruit is justice, peace, development and prosperity. For true and genuine change. Para sa Tama at Tunay na Pagbabago!

This is Bangon Pilipinas Party's covenant with the Filipino People! Come and join us for a new Philippines! Bangon Pilipinas, ngayon na!


Eduardo C Villanueva
Presidential Candidate

Perfecto Yasay Jr.
Vice-Presidential Candidate

Senatorial Slate

Dr. Zafrullah Alonto
Atty. Reynaldo Princesa
Atty. Ramoncito Ocampo
Kata Inocencio
Adz Nikabulin
Alex Tinsay
Dr. Israel Virgines

This platform of government can be found in full at .

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