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Teodoro forms own media bureau outside of party

By TJ Burgonio
Philippine Daily Inquirer
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MANILA, Philippines—Move over Lakas Kampi CMD media bureau. Here comes the "Gibo 2010 campaign bureau.''

Two weeks into the campaign, administration standard-bearer Gilbert Teodoro has formed his own media bureau independent of the party's own, tapping deposed President Joseph Estrada's former spokesperson to head it.

The main job of the Gibo 2010 campaign bureau is to disseminate Teodoro's platform of government and positions on crucial issues to the voters "immediately,'' bureau head Mike Toledo said.

"We intend to make this one of the most organized campaigns, not only in terms of having the most of local executives under our wing, but in terms of disseminating information about the platform of government of Secretary Teodoro,'' Toledo told reporters.

Toledo, who served as deputy spokesperson, and later on acting Press Secretary in the shortlived Estrada administration, announced the creation of the bureau and its members last Wednesday.

The bureau is running Teodoro's campaign from the Linden Suites in Ortigas Center, Pasig City, away from the Lakas-Kampi-CMD headquarters along Edsa in Greenhills, San Juan.

It is separate from the party's media bureau which is handling the campaign of its senatorial candidates, and from that of its vice presidential candidate Edu Manzano.

In the run-up to and days after the Feb. 9 kick-off of the presidential campaign, some reporters assigned to the Teodoro campaign have observed the poor coordination on, say schedule of his sorties.

Toledo, who also doubles as Teodoro's spokesperson, however, was quick to dispel observations that the presidential candidate wasn't satisfied with the performance of his party's media bureau.

"We're not saying that the party's efforts weren't enough. What's important is that we're assured of victory. Why leave things to chance? As John F. Kennedy said, ‘If you think you'll come in second, you'll not come in first,’" he said.

"We do everything we can, everything legally possible, to make sure that on May 10 we emerge No. 1. If that means coming up with another bureau, like the one we're putting up right now, so be it,'' he added.

What Teodoros’ bureau hopes to do is to "step up'' efforts of the party media bureau, according to Toledo.

Toledo, a graduate of the UP College of Law and a lawyer by profession like Teodoro, stressed that running a presidential campaign was a "serious business.''

"It can't be taken lightly. If you're complacent for just a minute, you're in danger. Secretary Teodoro has a message, has a good platform, and it will be a waste if this is not disseminated and not brought out to all voters, to all people for them to understand, and to realize that he is the right candidate, and the right man for the position of President,'' he said.

Teodoro, 45, has been given free rein to mount his campaign since taking over the leadership of the party. He has yet to climb out of his poor survey ratings, less than three months before the vote.

While it's being run independently, the bureau would still closely coordinate with the party's media bureau, according to Toledo.

"This is just to complement and sustain the effort. In politics, there's no such thing as `we've done enough.' Let's not leave any stone unturned as far as the message is concerned,'' he said. "We should help each other out. If there's another group that will help us, it is welcome.''

Toledo declined to say if the party or Teodoro alone is financing the media bureau, saying he was not in a position to talk about this.

Asked whether it was too late in the day to form such a bureau, he said: "It's never too late. We have a group before. It's just being formalized now."

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