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Noynoy not sure winner—Erap camp


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The Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino (PMP) yesterday said that any attempt to project Liberal Party (LP) presidential candidate Sen. Noynoy Aquino as unbeatable, simply based on the recently-released Social Weather Stations (SWS) and Pulse Asia surveys would fail as their results are way off the mark based on “realities on the ground.”

Although Aquino still maintained a lead over his opponents, PMP spokesman Ralph Calinisan said it was not with a wide margin and has even become questionable when ranged against the enormous turnout of supporters at every one of PMP standard bearer former President Joseph Estrada’s campaign sorties and rallies.

“Two or three thousand respondents in Pulse Asia and SWS surveys as against the tens of thousands who welcome President Estrada in his visits around the country? Which is more realistic, and more reflective of what is actually happening at the grassroots level?” Calinisan stressed.

Even the LP’s own internal survey, which Calinisan claimed party officials refuse to publicly divulge, belied SWS’ numbers and clearly showed Aquino leading Estrada by a margin of only 5 percent.

“Interestingly, the PMP’s own survey showed Noynoy at 34-percent, and Estrada at 29-

percent, a margin of only 5 percent,” Calinisan revealed.

“Interestingly, the PMP’s own survey showed Noynoy at 34-percent, and Estrada at 29-percent, a margin of only 5 percent,” Calinisan revealed.

The SWS survey, which should have been embargoed, as the newspaper BusinessWorld has exclusive printing rights, was leaked to the Aquinos, with Noynoy’s sister, Kris Aquino, blaring out these results in her official Twitter account.

In that survey, which Estrada and his camp found “incredible” and not reflective of the electorate’s real sentiment, showed Estrada in second place, but with Noynoy Aquino lead widening to 22 percent.

SWS has a history of coming out with survey numbers that do not jibe with the actual vote count, as well as predicted poll winners. Neither is SWS known for its accuracy in its percentages count, when compared to actual and official poll results.

It was PMP senatorial bet Francisco “Kit” Tatad who recently revealed that members of the Aquino clan and former associates of the late president Corazon Aquino hold prominent positions in SWS and Pulse Asia either as directors or stockholders.

The list includes Aquino relatives Rafael Cojuangco Lopa, Pulse Asia director and former president; Antonio “Tonyboy” Cojuangco, who initially financed its operations; and Jose de Jesus, former DPWH secretary of the Aquino presidency and incorporator/director of both Pulse Asia and SWS.

Meanwhile, Calinisan said they remain optimistic that Estrada would emerge victorious in the presidential elections despite the decision of the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) to endorse Aquino.

“It is Erap who is the anointed of the masses,” Calinisan remarked.

Despite falling to third place in the popularity surveys, Sen. Manuel Villar Jr. of the Nacionalista Party expressed confidence in winning the presidency on Monday, saying an organized political machinery will spell his victory.

But he also admitted that he is leaving everything to God’s will and if he loses the race, he can move on easily.

“It is not to say that I will win but whatever it is, whether I will win or not, that’s something that I can easily accept. And in fact, I will move on,” he stressed.

In his speech before religious ministers and pastors who prayed over him, Villar criticized Noynoy Aquino for portraying himself as a deeply religious man, and for Aquino’s admitted inability to govern the country, as Aquino himself publicly announced that he and his running mate will share presidential power, with Roxas getting some 80 percent of the share of presidential powers.

Said Villar : Noynoy claims to be religious, but I know that he was making fun of his mother as she keeps on praying and going to church,” although Villar stressed that which he said was just between him and the pastors in attendance.

Aquino’s lifestyle, he stressed is hardly worth emulating. He smokes three packs a day, Villar said and his favorite pastime is playing games, unlike his and family’s lifestyle, free from drug use and cigarettes.

There are questions on Nonoy’s use of drugs and marijuana.

But he also stressed that he is all set and ready: “Right now, the NP organization and our allies are complete. In every district, city, municipality and province, we have candidates,” Villar said.

“We are organized, We are all set, and we believe that come May 10, this would be proved,” he added.

Sources from political camps, however, said that Villar isn’t showing it publicly, but he knows he won’t win the polls, as even some of his allies have left him, having realized his freefall in the presidential race which can no longer be arrested. With Jason Faustino and Tribune wires

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  1. Noy smokes 3 packs a day? There is a big insecurity and tension within that person.