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Reject pro-birth control pols in 2010 — CBCP


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The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has called on Filipinos not to vote for candidates supporting the controversial Reproductive Health (RH) bill.

In its “Catechism on Family and Life for the 2010 Elections,” the bishops reiterated the Church’s position on life and family issues.

The bishops’ group has consistently opposed population control programs and forbids artificial birth control.

“…it would not be morally permissible to vote for candidates who support anti-family policies, including reproductive health, or any other moral evil such as abortion, divorce, assisted suicide and euthanasia,” part of the 20-page guidelines read.

“Otherwise one becomes an accomplice to the moral evil in question,” it added.

Presidential survey frontrunner Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino of the Liberal Party has been very vocal in his support to population control.

He said legislation on RH bill can help provide the sex education that present and future generations’ need, in answer to the misinformation they may get from the Internet and other media.

Aside from Aquino, his cousin and administration bet, Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro, is also supportive of the measure which seeks to promote artificial family planning.

Of the presidential candidates, Sen. Manuel Villar of Nacionalista Party, John Carlos (JC) de los Reyes of Ang Kapatiran and Eduardo “Bro. Eddie” Villanueva of Bangon

Pilipinas are only those who are totally against the bill.

Sen. Richard Gordon and Nicanor Perlas expressed reservations on some provisions of the controversial measure which, according to the proponents, would address the issue of unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, malnutrition, unemployment and poverty.

Villar and a number of anti-RH bill lawmakers from the Senate and Congress recently had a closed-door meeting with CBCP officials led by its president Bishop Nereo Odchimar at the CBCP office in Manila.

Aside from promoting artificial family planning, RH bill will also include sex education for students and advice on artificial contraception, which the church considers as immoral.

Last Nov. 30 the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Family and Life’s (ECFL) directors and lay coordinators met in Antipolo City and formulated the guidelines to help voters select the right candidates who will lead the country.

He said a candidate’s position on RH bill, which the church had tried to block, mirrors his or her stand on life and family.

“… and then from there, we can deduce their positions on other issues,” Castro said.

But Castro clarified the catechism for the 2010 polls was made only to serve as a guide for the faithful and a mandatory course of action.

When casting their votes, Filipinos, he said, must consider social interest over self interest, and decide guided by moral principles.

The CBCP declared that it will not endorse any candidate but will issue a guidelines in order to help voters in choosing the appropriate leaders of this country. Marie Surbano

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