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Bro. Eddie likens presidential bid to fight vs ‘Goliaths’

04/08/2010 | 12:34 AM

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As a televangelist who has yet to hold public office, Bro. Eddie Villanueva of Jesus Is Lord (JIL) Movement is aware that he is up against political “Goliaths" in his quest to become president of the country.

But like the biblical hero David, who defeated the giant Goliath despite his diminutive size, Villanueva is determined to win in the first ever nationwide automated elections on May 10 despite his poor performance in various presidential preference surveys, where he ranks only sixth among nine candidates.

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Interviewed in GMA News’ election program “Kandidato," the Bangon Pilipinas standard-bearer, entering politics is part of his lifelong dream of leading the nation to change.

“Why do I have to leave my comfort zone and fight the Goliaths in this corrupt electoral system? But I don’t see it that way. Ever since I was young, I’ve always admired great men and women in history," he told interviewers, veteran journalists Arnold Clavio, Malou Mangahas and Howie Severino.

“Kandidato" was aired Wednesday night.

Villanueva ran for president in the 2004 elections, but placed last among the five candidates. He said this was because he was cheated.

“That was the order of the most powerful person in Malacañang," he said, referring to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who won in the 2004 elections.

“She ordered two Cabinet members to assure that I should lag behind," he added without naming names.

During the “Kandidato" interview, Villanueva admitted reluctance in taking a second shot at the presidency, but said he was convinced to run again with the prodding of “multi-sectoral groups."

He said his being a pastor for 31 years is an advantage in fulfilling his political goal.

“Many lives were changed, including those of young people who had no direction, broken families who experienced spiritual rebirth and renewal. I taught young people how to love God and country," Villanueva said.

He added that with his experience as a religious leader, the country would experience a moral leadership should he be elected president.

Villanueva also said his platform would focus on seven points: eradicate bad governance and corruption, energize the economy, elevate the living standard of the people, empower the people, emancipate the people, educate the people, and establish peace and order in the land.

“God hates poverty. God hates corruption. God hates injustices. But me, I understand God’s principles of governance. I want to implement God’s principles on honesty, in public service, integrity in governance…," he said as he expressed no fear in heading on to the battlefield to face the giants. - KBK, GMANews.TV

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