Thursday, April 1, 2010

Presidential bet Perlas wants divorce legalized

04/01/2010 | 12:36 AM

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Environmentalist Nicanor Perlas is ready to challenge the church and legalize divorce if ever he wins as president in the May 10 elections.

Interviewed in GMA News’ “Kandidato" program, Perlas, an independent candidate, also said he is in favor of vasectomy, ligation and the use of condoms as means to control population growth.

Perlas, who is separated from his wife, said that although he respects marriage, there is no reason for someone to stick to a loveless relationship.

“I respect marriage but [I would support divorce] when you have conditions where people are suffering in the marriage," Perlas told the interviewers - veteran journalists Malou Mangahas, Arnold Clavio and Howie Severino - during the program, which was aired Wednesday night.
Asked if he would support the legalization of divorce in the Philippines, Perlas said, “Yes." He added divorce is acceptable especially in cases of abusive or disloyal partners.

Perlas, however, was quick to add that his own relations with his wife are okay and that she supports his endeavors even though they are separated.

At present, separation of married couples in the Philippines is possible only through annulment.

Perlas also said he doesn’t have a problem with tubal ligation and vasectomy as family planning methods. “If somebody wants to choose to ligate or to have a vasectomy for social, spiritual reasons I think it’s not against God’s will," he said.

Perlas, however, said he would rather focus on improving reproductive health education than funding state purchase of artificial contraceptives.

Perlas, despite being the top choice of environmental groups for president, has consistently ranked low in presidential preference surveys. He, however, claimed to have the backing of several society groups.

Once elected, Perlas vowed to create a Cabinet post for a representative of civil society if elected into office. - Johanna Camille Sisante/KBK, GMANews.TV

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