Sunday, November 29, 2009

Perlas unveils 6-point ‘new politics’ platform

By Jerome Aning
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 04:39:00 11/30/2009

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MANILA, Philippines—Vowing a six-point platform of “new politics,” environmentalist Nicanor Perlas filed his certificate of candidacy for president at the Commission on Elections main office in Manila Sunday afternoon.

Three other candidates for president filed certificates Sunday, putting at 51 the total of aspirants for the highest post in the land. One of the aspirants was dentist Agustin Bolor, 50, who wore a 22-carat gold necklace and rings on his 10 fingers.

Perlas, who is running as an independent, told reporters that he would push for poverty eradication, moral and effective governance, social justice, holistic education, and visionary initiatives for the country’s progress.

He cited the Maguindanao massacre which, he said, symbolized the “politics of impunity” prevailing in both local and national levels, prompting Filipinos to “search for real change and authentic choices.”

“This cancer of political impunity is eating away at the soul and spirit of the Filipino nations. The Filipinos are tired of choosing between greater evils and lesser evils. They want new politics,” Perlas said.

He characterized new politics as one that is “focused on positive vision and program of the future and committee to the successful election of political leaders who have track record, competence, integrity, courage and strong spiritual foundations to pursue the vision and platform for a new Philippines.”

Perlas, 59, said he would use P2 million of his personal money for the campaign, adding that he would have to rely much on volunteers and contributors.

He acknowledged that he still had to get a running mate and fill a senatorial slate. He said discussions with various political parties and candidates were still ongoing.

However, he said, his group’s standards were “too high” for many candidates whom he said were only after “winnability.”

“They’re after money, political commitment and popularity, but what we want are those with vision and high quality of leadership,” he said.

Perlas, who describes himself as a “practical visionary,” is the recipient of this year’s Manuel L. Quezon Award for exemplary governance. He was one of the Ten Outstanding Filipinos in 1994 and an honoree of the United Nations Environmental Program Global 500 in 1994.


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