Wednesday, March 17, 2010

As the man said, ‘weder-weder lang ‘yan’

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THE United Opposition yesterday cried foul over the removal of streamers and posters of its standard bearer, Joseph Estrada, and running mate Jejomar Binay in the first district of Batangas, a known territory of former Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita.

The campaign materials were dismantled before the motorcade of the Estrada-Binay tandem arrived in Batangas.

Binay’s spokesman, Lito Anzures, said campaign materials of administration candidate Gilbert Teodoro and that of Ermita’s son, Edwin, who is running for vice governor, "are untouched."

Anzures said members of the advance team reported that campaign posters being installed along the route of the motorcade and at the rally sites were being dismantled by personnel from the local Department of Public Works and Highways.

He said the DPWH team told their campaign workers that the order to tear down the UNO tandem’s posters came from Ermita himself. The former Palace official is seeking a seat as congressman of the first district.

Binay said he was not surprised that the administration will "stoop down to this level to ensure their victory in the upcoming polls."

Binay said it is possible that the administration is growing frustrated because he and Estrada are consistently rising in ratings while administration bets are consistently lagging behind.

Binay twitted Mar Roxas, Liberal Party vice presidential bet, for claiming he is pro-poor despite his support for legislation such as the value added tax.

"Roxas is one of the authors of VAT although he is trying to hide the fact. This is the reason why he never stood up in Congress to denounce the VAT, and records of the legislature will bear this out," Binay said.

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