Wednesday, March 17, 2010

PRESS RELEASE: Who is afraid of change? – Bangon Pilipinas asks


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Who is afraid of change? – Bangon Pilipinas asks

“A supporter of genuine change has volunteered to put up a poster of Bangon Pilipinas’ presidential candidate Bro. Eddie Villanueva. Now, this poster advocating for change is being used to threaten Bro. Eddie with disqualification. Why zero in on this poster? Who is afraid of change?" asked Atty. Lyndon Cana, Bangon Pilipinas National Campaign Manager.

In several news stories on Tuesday, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) was reported as ordering Villanueva to remove his alleged illegal billboard. For this billboard, Villanueva may have to face disqualification, reports said. However, as of press time, no official communication from the Comelec on this matter has been transmitted to Bangon Pilipinas.

Cana said that Comelec rules are not being applied fairly to all candidates. Along EDSA and other major thoroughfares which are not designated common poster areas, campaign materials of other candidates have been springing up with no one from the Comelec questioning them, he observed.

Similarly, in a statement, Bangon Pilipinas Secretary-General Atty. Ted Pascua said that the party will comply with the rules on campaign posters as well as all rules and regulations related to the elections. A big billboard of Villanueva in Quiapo was already dismantled the first time that the Comelec warned of billboards beyond the requisites allowed, he said.

A billboard in Balintawak is still up because it is one of Bangon Pilipinas’ headquarters. “Hence, we have a huge billboard there,” Pascua added.

“Bangon Pilipinas will comply with whatever legal rules and requirements Comelec is validly mandated to enforce. We trust Comelec will enforce its rules uniformly and consistently,” Pascua said.

“The Comelec should not hit one big billboard and allow the indiscriminate posting of posters along the roads, highways and streets when these postings are not in accordance with the law. The Comelec must treat all unlawful posters and propaganda materials in the same manner. It must not single out ONE big one and leave small ones untouched,” he added.

He added that the small posters are “more widespread, blatant, deleterious, and violative of the law than one big poster.”

“This apparent blindness of the Comelec on the massive, systemic, and blatant violations of other parties with overwhelming resources is proof that we have a system that favors those who have overpowering resources. We hope this billboard issue will open the eyes of our public on the need to reform our system,” Cana said.

“This is why the people now see the need for reforms that will decisively and resolutely change this system. This is what Bangon Pilipinas has been fighting for all along. Tunay na pagbabago... changes in our rotten system by first a change of leadership that has the political will to carry out the much needed reforms.”


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