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Bro. Eddie Villanueva: reflect and discern

31 March 2010 / Wednesday
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Bro. Eddie Villanueva: reflect and discern

Bangon Pilipinas Party presidential candidate Bro. Eddie Villanueva urged the Filipino people to make this Lenten Season a time to reflect on the most important issues of life.

“The time calls for all of us to see the connection between the sufferings of Christ that led to His death on the Cross for the redemption of mankind and the current untold sufferings of our people who are seeking redemption from the clutches of systemic and endemic corruption that has made life a living hell for the vast majority of us,” he said.

Villanueva explained that it is not coincidental that the seemingly only remaining vestige of hope for a people and nation in peril is the conduct of a credible, honest, orderly, and peaceful election on May 10.

“In my heart of hearts, I shall be praying for just one thing this Holy Week, that may all those who have evil plans for the upcoming elections grow a good conscience, be convicted of the crime they will be committing against their very own children and grandchildren, and be converted to become vanguards of our democracy instead,” the former televangelist added.

He emphasized that the central message of Lent is making the ultimate sacrifice, that of willingly choosing to die a cursed death for the good of others.

“There can be no greater example of service and servanthood than that which Jesus exemplified for us. With genuine fear of God and love for the nation, this is the very kind of service that the Bangon Pilipinas Party is committed to offer to our people. I deem it important to underscore this in this season of Lent to make a point that our solemn vow to further no interests other than that of our people is not only for them but more importantly unto the Lord,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Bangon Pilipinas Party standard-bearer also urged Filipinos to discern for themselves and listen to what the Lord has been telling them in history.

“Where have traditional politics and traditional politicians led us in our course as a nation? Why have we reached the pit of corruption, almost the point of no return, under their watch?” he asked, adding however that all is not yet lost if the nation would only vote for non-traditional politicians on May 10.

“Death did not keep Jesus from resurrecting Lazarus and death did not keep the Heavenly Father from resurrecting Jesus. While we may be at the brink of death as a people and nation, all is not yet lost for us. Kaya pang bumangon ng isang bagong Pilipinas sa ilalim ng isang bagong sistema ng pulitika,” said Villanueva who is running on the platform of Anim na Taong Walang Korapsyon, ang Bagong Pilipinas ay Babangon.

Moreover, he also appealed to those running in the upcoming elections to refrain from spending the Lenten season on electioneering, saying this is unethical albeit legal.

“Huwag na sanang magamit pa ang Kuwaresma para sa pangangampanya kahit pa ang mga araw ay sakop ng election period. Ang higit na mainam at kailangan ay masusing pagninilay, hindi lamang tuwing ganitong panahon kundi sa bawat sandali, upang matiyak na tama ang ating intension at aksyon, at tunay tayong ginagabayan ng Panginoon sa tamang landasin at gawain,” he said.


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