Sunday, March 14, 2010

Politics up next for RP champ

By Abac Cordero
The Philippine Star
Updated March 15, 2010
12:00 AM

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DALLAS – It’s on to the May elections before Manny Pacquiao even thinks about his next fight.

During the post-fight press conference, staged at the VIP service entrance of the Cowboys Stadium, Pacquiao said he doesn’t have any idea yet when he’d return to the ring.

But it could be just a few months from now, maybe in October or November.

“I will decide after the elections,” said the boxing icon who is seeking a congressional seat in his hometown in Sarangani when the Philippines holds its national elections in May.

Pacquiao lost his bid for Congress in 2007 and has sought a return bout. This time he’s hoping to be successful the way he is on the ring where he hasn’t lost in his last 12 fights.

His promoter, Bob Arum, is almost certain of a political victory for his boxer.

“So, the next time I will introduce Manny, whether it’s in a press conference, he will be introduced properly, as Congressman and the Honorable Manny Pacquiao,” said Arum.

“He will win the elections and he will still fight.”

The Top Rank president was in the Philippines when Manny ran for public office in 2007, and said it was a pity that under its laws, a foreigner is not allowed to dip his hands in the game.

“As an American, I’m forbidden to participate in Philippine politics,” said Arum, a Harvard-educated lawyer who once served under the Kennedy administration.

“So, when last time he asked me to come over and support him they did allow me to join campaign rallies but they forbade me to speak. And you know how hard that is,” said the ageless boxing promoter.

“I wasn’t allowed to speak and I wasn’t allowed to do interviews,” he said.

“The only good thing was that I wasn’t allowed to contribute to his campaign fund as well.”

That brought the house down.

Original Story:

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