Saturday, March 13, 2010

Roxas not a genuine oppositionist—Binay

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UNITED Opposition vice presidential bet Jejomar C. Binay said Friday his rival Senator Manuel Roxas III of the Liberal Party was not a “genuine oppositionist” but an “instant opposition” for favoring the value added tax that gave the poor an added burden.

“A true opposition is completely against the VAT,” Binay told anchorman Mike Enriquez over radio station dzBB. His opponent voted for the passage of the tax measure that increased the price of basic goods, he said.

Binay likened instant oppositionists to coffee and noodles that easily dissolve in water, unlike genuine oppositionists who fight for the causes of Filipinos. Many of today’s oppositionists abandoned President Gloria Arroyo when she became unpopular, he said.

Binay said he believes that Nacionalista Party presidential bet Manuel Villar Jr. is a secret ally of the President. “Mrs. Arroyo fears the onslaught of cases to be filed against her after her presidency.”

As a team, he and ousted President Joseph Estrada represent the true opposition, he said.

“We can say directly that we are the opposition. I cannot say the same for the others.”

As a member of the PDP-Laban, Binay said he did not abandon an ally in times of crises, citing Edsa 2 in 2001 when he rejected calls from former compatriots in the 1986 people power revolution to join them. He stuck it out with Estrada.

With his expertise as an executive, the mayor said it was natural for him to run in the vice presidential race and not for a senate.

He wanted to run for president, but settled for the second highest elective position in deference to his friendship with the Aquino family after Benigno Aquino II announced he would run for the position. Besides, he is an ideal teammate to Estrada, he said. Rudy Brul

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