Sunday, March 7, 2010

Teachers on poll duty to get additional P1,300

By Helen Flores
The Philippine Star
Updated March 08, 2010
12:00 AM

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MANILA, Philippines - Teachers serving as Board of Election Inspectors (BEIs) in the May 10 elections will receive P1,300 on top of the P3,000 honorarium, according to a resolution promulgated by the Commission on Elections on March 4.

“In addition (to the honorarium), each (BEI member) shall receive P500 for the Inspection, Verification and Sealing of Book of Voters; P500 for the Testing and Sealing of Machines; and P300 for one-time transportation allowance,” the resolution said.

The commission also granted the teachers, as well as their support staff, three days service credits.

“Support staff shall receive an honorarium of P1,500 each and service credits for three days of service,” the Comelec resolution said.

According to the law, BEIs are entitled to P1,000 honorarium for each day of service. The BEIs will work for three days: the day before the election, the election day itself, and the day after.

The Comelec plans to deploy 240,000 teachers to man the 74,000 clustered voting precincts nationwide.

The Comelec said a cluster with three polling precincts will be given an additional support staffer; a cluster of four precincts will have two additional support staffers; a cluster of five to seven clustered precincts will be given three additional staffers.

The Comelec has also allocated a total of P30 million to insure BEI members.

“In case of death while in the performance of election duties, the heirs of the deceased official/employee shall be given the amount of P200,000,” the resolution said.

Compensation for BEI members injured while performing election duties, however, was not specified in the resolution.

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