Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bets hope for the best, hit one another

by Christine F. Herrera

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Presidential candidates yesterday took turns exhorting the electorate to reflect during the New Year on who could be the “best bet” for 2010 but did not fail to hit out at one another.

Lakas-Kampi CMD standard- bearer Gilberto Teodoro Jr. was the first to remind the electorate to reflect on the new life and new beginnings under a “new leadership” next year as he warned them against “messianic candidates” who would promise them the sun, the moon and the stars.

“If those candidates would come to you one day and tell you that they can solve all the ills besetting the country, provided you vote for them, don’t believe them and don’t vote for them as they are lying. No such politician can do what they profess to do,” Teodoro said without naming names.

“Popularity, while it looks good on surveys, does not automatically make someone a competent leader,” Teodoro, the 1989 Philippine Bar Examinations topnotcher, pointed out.

Senator Benigno Simeon Aquino III, presidential candidate of the Liberal Party, urged the electorate to help him “bring back democracy” and reject the ruling elite that caters only to the vested interest.

“Sa darating na taon, tayo po ay may pagkakataong maibalik ang uri ng demokrasyang nagpapahalaga sa kapakanan ng buong bayan at hindi sa interes ng iilan lamang,” Aquino said.

Senator Manny Villar, standard-bearer of the Nacionalista Party who is now in the United States with his family, issued his New Year message through party spokesman and senatorial candidate Gilbert Remulla.

“Let us remember that 2010 is not about ‘good versus evil’ but about ‘good, better, best’ leader who could make the rich not become richer but share their wealth with the poor and the poor share the wealth of the country,” Remulla said of the NP message.

Villar was taking a swipe at the LP’s position that the 2010 national polls would be a battle between good and evil.

“What is important in 2010 is for the electorate to choose the most capable candidate who can alleviate poverty without enriching himself in office,” Villar said as he wished everyone a better year ahead.

But the three presidential candidates remain hopeful that things would be better for the country next year.

“We can only hope to stem the tide of the various problems besetting our country so that the next crop of national leaders will have a much easier task in rectifying the situation,” Teodoro said.

Aquino said he believed in the resiliency of the Filipinos following the series of typhoons this year that ravaged parts of Luzon and Visayas.

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