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Villar launches all-out war platform against poverty

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MANILA, Philippines--Senator Manny Villar’s Nacionalista Party (NP) has declared an all-out war against poverty as it launched its campaign platform for next year’s elections based on “pro-poor” and “pro-development” programs.

“We in the Nacionalista Party will fight for the poor. No single person or political party has waged a full and all-out war against poverty and sincerely fought for genuine social reform in our country. We rise up to that challenge now,” NP spokesman and senatorial candidate Gilbert Remulla said in a statement issued Sunday.

An NP victory in 2010, Remulla said, would be a victory for the Filipino people, a majority of whom live below poverty line.

He said Villar, the party's president and standard-bearer, has a “firmer grasp of the realities that surround a family living on empty stomach” since himself had experienced first-hand the plight of millions of Filipinos.

The latest member of the NP family, People's Champ Manny Pacquiao, also came from the poor and, like Villar, has experienced what it feels like to be impoverished in this country, said Remulla.

“Senator Villar and Manny Pacquiao represent the ideals of the Nacionalista Party. We believe that all of us can rise from poverty through hard work, perseverance and a sense of pride in ourselves.”

“But the government has a role to play, like making available livelihood opportunities for all those who need a helping hand and making sure that the funds intended for the welfare of the people do not end up in someone else's pockets,” the spokesman said..

A self-made businessman, a respected statesman
and an experienced executive officer, Villar remains the “single, most competent” presidential aspirant among the list of hopefuls in next year's elections, Remulla said.

“And being poor once is a big factor,” he said, “The presidency does not belong up there in a pedestal where the people cannot reach you. It belongs with the hearts and minds of those you intend to lead.”

“That is why a vote for the Nacionalista Party is an affirmative vote against poverty. And we also intend to win because if we do, it will be a victory well-fought for the Filipino people,” he further said.

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