Sunday, December 20, 2009

Poverty fight my priority, says Gibo

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LAKAS-KAMPI CMD presidential candidate Gilberto "Gibo" Teodoro Jr. has vowed to prioritize economic programs aimed at helping "the poor graduate out of poverty."

Teodoro said his platform is focused on battling poverty by creating, among other things, greater opportunities for small- and medium-scale entrepreneurship and opening the poor’s access to loans on less burdensome conditions.

At the minimum, Teodoro said, his goal is to have "at least one college graduate in every family."

Teodoro said his party has a program to expand public health services and to achieve sustainable development that will respect the rights of citizens.

He said a Teodoro administration would strongly guard individual rights by establishing credible institutions of government.

"The only way to stop the exploitation of the poor by politicians is to make the poor affluent. The government must capacitate them and ensure that the poor graduate out of poverty," he said.

He said that "affluence buys knowledge that will empower the poor."

Teodoro, who took over as Lakas-Kampi CMD chairman last month, said his party has a "centrist humanist vision, and the individual is of primary importance" in the agenda of government.

"Let us tell the people that our party stands for life, liberty and prosperity," he said.

He said he will expand the network of physical infrastructure already in place to interconnect all regions from Northern Luzon through the Visayas to Southern Mindanao.

He said he would expand the program on alternative and renewable energy to lessen dependence on imported fuel.

"I will advance the frontier of public-private sector partnerships," Teodoro said.

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