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Comelec OKs candidacies of 8 presidential, 8 VP, and 58 senatorial bets

12/15/2009 | 02:24 PM

Original Story: http://www.gmanews.tv/story/179417/comelec-oks-candidacies-of-8-presidential-8-vp-and-58-senatorial-bets

(UPDATED - 4:08 pm) The Commission on Elections (Comelec) has approved the candidacies of eight people running for president, another eight eyeing the vice presidential post, and 58 other individuals seeking a seat at the Senate in the 2010 elections.

During Tuesday’s press conference at the Comelec headquarters in Intramuros, Manila, the poll body’s chairman, Jose Melo said that only eight of the 99 presidential hopefuls were granted the right to run in next year’s elections. They are:

* Aquino, Benigno Simeon “Noynoy" III (Liberal Party)
* Delos Reyes, John Carlos “JC" (Ang Kapatiran)
* Ejercito Estrada, Joseph M. (Puwersa ng Masang Pilipino – UNO)
* Gordon, Richard J. (Bagumbayan)
* Madrigal, Maria Ana Consuelo “Jamby" AS. (Independent)
* Teodoro, Gilberto Jr. C. (Lakas-Kampi-CMD)
* Villanueva, Eddie C. (Bangon Pilipinas)
* Villar, Manuel Jr. B. (Nacionalista Party)

The approved list of presidential candidates did not include Nicanor Perlas.

But Melo said the list was not yet final. He said those who were not included on the list would have until Monday (December 21) to file a verified opposition to the poll body’s decision.

“We will give them five days, they have up to Monday. We’ll probably be able to make a decision by the end of the next week," said Melo.

Likewise, only eight of the 20 vice presidential hopefuls got the nod of the poll body on the initial list. They are:

* Binay, Jejomar C. (PDP-Laban)
* Chipeco, Dominador “Jun" Jr. F. (Ang Kapatiran)
* Fernando, Bayani F. (Bagumbayan)
* Legarda, Loren B. (National People’s Coalition)
* Manzano, Edu B. (Lakas-Kampi-CMD)
* Roxas, Manuel “Mar" II A. (Liberal Party)
* Sonza, Jose “Jay" Y. (Kilusang Bagong Lipunan)
* Yasay, Perfecto Jr. R. (Bangon Pilipinas)

Meanwhile, the 58 out of the 158 senatorial aspirants with approved candidacies are:

* Acosta, Jr. Nereus O. (LP)
* Albani, Shariff Ibrahim H. (KBL)
* Alonto, Zafrullah M. (Bangon Pilipinas)
* Baraquel, Ana. Theresa H. (LP)
* Bautista, J.V. Larion (PMP)
* Bautista, Martin D. (LP)
* Bello, Silvestre III H. (Lakas)
* Biazon, Rozanno Rufino B. (LP)
* Revilla, Ramon “Bong" B. (Lakas)
* Caunan, Henry B. (PDP-Laban)
* Cayetano, Pilar Juliana US. (NP)
* David, Rizalito Y. (Ang Kapatiran)
* De Venecia, Jose III P. (PMP)
* Defensor-Santiago, Miriam P.(People’s Reform Party)
* Drilon, Franklin M. (LP)
* Enrile, Juan Ponce (PMP)
* Estrada, Jinggoy E. (PMP)
* Guico, Ramon, Jr. N. (Lakas)
* Guingona, Teofisto III D. (LP)
* Imbong, Jo Aurea M. (Ang Kapatiran)
* Inocencio, Ma. Katherine Luningning R. (Bangon Pilipinas)
* Lacson, Alexander L. (LP)
* Lambino, Raul L. (Lakas)
* Langit, Rey M. (Lakas)
* Lao, Yasmin B. (LP)
* Lapid, Manuel M. (Lakas)
* Lood, Alma A. (KBL)
* Lozada, Jose Apolinario Jr. L (PMP)
* Maambong, Regalado E. (KBL)
* Marcos, Ferdinand Jr. R. (NP)
* Maza, Liza L. (Independent)
* Millora, Ma. Judea G. (KBL)
* Mitra, Ramon B. (NP)
* Ocampo, Ramoncito P. (Bangong Pilipinas)
* Ocampo, Saturnino C. (Bayan Muna)
* Ople, Susan V. (NP)
* Osmeña, Sergio III D. (Independent)
* Palparan, Jovito Jr. S. (Independent)
* Papin, Imelda A. (KBL)
* Paredes, Zosimo Jesus II M. (Ang Kapatiran)
* Pimentel, Gwendolyn D. (PDP-Laban)
* Plaza, Rodolfo Rodrigo g. (NPC)
* Princesa, Reynaldo R. (Bangon Pilipinas)
* Querubin, Ariel O. (NP)
* Recto, Ralph G. (LP)
* Remulla, Gilbert Cesar C. (NP)
* Riñoza-Plazo, Maria Gracia DV. (Ang Kapatiran)
* Roco, Sonia M. (LP)
* Sison, Adrian O. (Ang Kapatiran)
* Sotto, Vicente III C. (NPC)
* Tamano, Adel A. (NP)
* Tamayo, Reginald B. (Ang Kapatiran)
* Tarrazona, Hector M. (Ang Kapatiran)
* Tatad, Francisco S. (Grand Alliance for Democracy)
* Tinsay, Alexander B. (Bangon Pilipinas))
* Valdehuesa, Manuel Jr. E. (Ang Kapatiran)
* Villanueva, Hector L. (KBL)
* Virgines, Israel N. (Bangon Pilipinas)

The basis

Melo was quick to note, however, that being excluded from the list did not necessarily mean that an aspirant was already considered a nuisance candidate.

According to Comelec Resolution No. 8678, a nuisance candidate is one who “put(s) the election process in mockery or disrepute," “cause(s) confusion among the voters by the similarity of names of registered candidates," or one who “has no bona fide intention to run for the office."

“Most of them have well intentions but have no financial networking systems," added Melo.

Comelec Commissioner Rene Sarmiento said the poll body based its decision on the aspirant’s ability to pursue a national campaign.

Petitions and disqualification cases

On the other hand, Melo said the Comelec would raffle off the cases of the candidates who have disqualification cases lodged against them.

“That will be given preference," he said, adding that four of those allowed to run for president have disqualification cases filed against them – namely Aquino, Estrada, Teodoro, and Villar.

He said their names will remain on the ballot whatever the decision of the poll body and of the Supreme Court (if the case is elevated there) may be because the printing of the ballots will be conducted on January 7 or 8, leaving no time for sudden changes in its layout.

“Expectedly, the SC will not be able to come out with a decision by that time," said Melo. KIMBERLY JANE T. TAN, GMANews.TV

Original Story: http://www.gmanews.tv/story/179417/comelec-oks-candidacies-of-8-presidential-8-vp-and-58-senatorial-bets

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